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Please use strong passwords - numb3rs - punctuation! - space s - MiXeD CaSe
For hosted email users the login will be the your email address and password.
The same one you use to get your email with.

New Feature: Check out our new Quick Lists feature to make quick members only email lists. Also check out Sender Based Routing to reroute specific senders to other email addresses or folders.

New Feature: Spam filtering customers can now allow their email users to set their own personal settings. Just set the host name for the IMAP server for your domain and our system will authenticate against it to allow your users to log in and configure their own settings and check their own spam folders. Your users will be able to log in using this login page eliminating the need for admins to manage users personal settings.

Questions or Confusion? Found a bug or problem? Feel free to ask us anything. support@junkemailfilter.com

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