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This system allows you to log in and review your stored spam. All the messages here were bounced but yet saved and stored. (yes - neat trick) So the sender got a bounce message indicating the email was rejected. With this system you can login and review your spam. If you see a good email you can release it and it will be sent on to you. You can also verify that a sent email that you were expecting was not bounced. Not all spam rejected is stored here. It is possible that a good email was bounced and not stored here but very unlikely. I it does happen - we want to know about it.

You can log in with your email account address and password if your email is hosted by us to review your individual spam. If you are an administrator for front end spam filtering you can log in with your admin email and password just like to do in the Email Management System. You will see all the domains and users that your are allowed to access. You can then go in a check stored spam and see if any good email is there that needs to be released.

Additionally you can log in to one speific email account or one specific domain if you don't want to see the whole list of everything. If you want to view just one account login this way:

Name: user@example.com*admin@admin.com
Password: your admin password

Where user@example.com is the account you want to view and admin@admin.com is your admin loging email account. You can also log into a single domain as follows:

Name: @example.com*admin@admin.com
Password: your admin password

This system is new so let us know if there are any problems or features you want.

Questions or Confusion? Found a bug or problem? Feel free to ask us anything. support@junkemailfilter.com

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